We are working at the intersections of the following fields:

  • Technology

  • Organisation and

  • Human Resources

Welcome to IUK GmbH

IUK is a private institute combining both research and consulting activities especially designed for SMEs.

Since 1990, IUK has done research into the core areas of the information society, its mechanisms, institutions and its knowledge foundation. The problems caused by the profound remodelling of the traditional industries and the emergence of new sectors and forms of industry and entrepreneurship in the post-fordist age have been investigated, too.

This research creates a basis not only for our competency in qualifying measures and consultancy - which is being used successfully by SMEs in the process of structural change, but also for our capacity to give political advice on questions referring to the labour markets, the structural changes within the local region and the regulation of industrial relations.

Further information and offers can be obtained by E-mail.